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We offer this platform to share our knowledge, insights and activities, and occasionally, we co-write with our customers and other kindred spirits who share our passion for learning, developing and organizational change.


Under construction for life

Developing a website is a challenge. It is an art to translate a vision into a concrete, informative website which communicates simplicity, elegance and quality...

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Conscio 2.0

Conscio 2.0

We are pleased that since the launch of our site in April of this year people are discovering us. We were surprised that even without the active use of social m...

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City life

‘Active in LifeWork’

Soon more about our philosophy and vision 'Active LifeWork™' and how we translated this into concrete services....

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  • “More engaging and stimulating than I could have ever imagined.” - Business owner & international consultant
  • “Knowledgeable, creative and highly sensitive intuitive skills.” - Tactical manager human resources
  • “I just wanted to say that you are the best consultants I have ever experienced.” - Professional environmental issues
  • “We did some beautiful things. I enjoyed it very much.” - Program Manager Community Development
  • “The co-creation process is effective and energizing.” - Chief information executive
  • “Out of the box thinkers.” - Executive in human resources
  • “Respectfully guided with a focus on results.” - Manager consumer services
  • “Capacity to see beyond the obstacles.” - Senior lecturer
  • “Perfect match, excellent service and a fantastic customer experience.” - Executive in government
  • “Finally, consultants who talked with us, instead of at us.” - Pharmacy Manager
  • “Complete overall approach aimed at gaining insight and practical results.” - Executive program manager
  • “Extremely knowledgeable and talented.” - Chief executive Officer
  • “I look back with pleasure on our collaboration.” - Executive Director
  • “Extraordinary talents that guided me to reach the essence.” - Psychologist in organizational change
  • “Open and transparent.” - Professional in social services
  • “Tremendous dedication to our mission.” - Executive Director
  • “You are a force of nature.” - Quality assurance professional
  • “Inspiring and intriguing questions - offering new perspectives — Great.” - Tutor University College Maastricht
  • “Thought leaders with the ability to transfer vision into a realistic organizational context.” - Chief executive director
  • “Gifted trainer-actor.” - Program manager education
  • “Practical, pragmatic and evidence-based.” - Manager consumer services
  • “Drive for performance and love of knowledge.” - Senior student
  • “Master teachers with a great depth of wisdom and knowledge.” - Quality manager and consultant
  • “Incredible knowledgeable and group methodology skills.” - Senior lecturer


In our portfolio you will find examples of our professional activities and our social corporate responsibility initiatives. We will be specific, where possible, but in most cases, our projects are described in general to maintain confidentiality.

The Asklepion

Gathering for excellence

Thirty-five thought leaders in health care, including physicians, regulators, public health experts, medical laboratory scientists, manufacturers, nurse practi...

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Ascending to the top

After three years of a government pilot to develop leaders, we were invited to conduct a qualitative summative study on behalf of their leadership development p...

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Advancing public leadership

Invited to be a guest faculty member for a residential leadership program sponsored by the Executive Program for the University of Alberta....

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