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Gathering for excellence

Thirty-five thought leaders in health care, including physicians, regulators, public health experts, medical laboratory scientists, manufacturers, ...

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Ascending to the top

After three years of a government pilot to develop leaders, we were invited to conduct a qualitative summative study on behalf of their leadership d...

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Advancing public leadership

Invited to be a guest faculty member for a residential leadership program sponsored by the Executive Program for the University of Alberta.

sustainable services

Innovating a company

We felt called upon to support a consultancy firm with a respectable history in physical infrastructure planning, community engagement and sustainab...

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Co-creating applicable knowledge

During 2012-2013 we guided a cross-boundary, multi-disciplinary executive team for a large government enterprise. The focus of this initiative was t...

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Solving bottlenecks

In 2009 we supported a public-private cooperation in Europe responsible for the development of the social infrastructure and commercial property. During their annual budget plan...

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Co-creating education

For a European health care quality organization and in collaboration with a respected consultancy company, which is active in educational programs for quality managers in health...

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education quality managers

Improving communication

We engaged our customer in action-research to enhance the communication within and across departments of this large government organization.


Training of future leaders

On behalf of a local government one hundred and fifty tactical level managers were trained in the basic principles of transformational leadership a ...

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