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The Art of GuideWork®

The current booming industry in professional coaching serves the demands of citizens, professionals and organizations in a broad range of different contexts. Although coaching became a commercial business, in its foundation, it is still a calling to guide others in their development and in their pursuit of quality of life and work. The essence of high-quality guiding services is grounded in the ethical and dialogical relationship between clients and professionals. It is rooted in the professional dedication and integrity that involves continuous development and examining of one’s subjective values, motives and means. In our view, it is the duty of the professional to explore, analyze and deconstruct the internal unconscious mechanisms that influence the guiding process and, in the worst cases, harms clients that seek skilled support.

Conscio™ offers a variety of short, middle and long-term professional coaching arrangements, which depending on your aspirations or ambitions each produce their own results and can complement each other. Our arrangements are a valuable part of your in-company educational programs and can be implemented within your comprehensive organizational development initiative. As reflective practitioners with virtuous skills, we are able to engage across the full spectrum of human development and we are focused on achieving lasting and sustainable results.

In addition to our arrangements do we offer state-of-the-art, professional coaching education, which is firmly rooted in academic study of theories and methods, while respecting the tacit knowledge and experience of guiding professionals. GuideWork® is based on more than twenty-five years of in-depth, multi-disciplinary study and profound international professional practice in guiding individuals, teams, executives and leaders who are active in organizations.


The Golden Path | February 1, 2014