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Professionals today need to be alert to the increasing influence of the knowledge economy and how it radically changes their vocation. Organizations today and into the next future require talented, flexible and versatile ‘intrapreneurial’ professionals. They require dedicated people, who are intrinsically motivated to create value configurations on a daily basis, with the competencies to make a difference.

Are you aware of the decreasing value of your professional development caused by the half-life of knowledge and skills? How do you compete with modern technology and within the market? How are you investing in your career to become indispensable?  Solely chasing degrees and certificates in a world that is based on ideas, knowledge and skills is insufficient to strengthen your career and to develop the necessary, supplementary competencies. Professionals today are self-directed learners who constantly update their knowledge and skills throughout their lifetime. They are focused on adding tangible value by creating, applying and sharing knowledge that has impact in their specific context. Do you have the capacity to operate autonomously in highly complex and ambiguous situations? Are you able to fulfill different roles and tasks within multi-disciplinary, fluid networks? Do you have the analytical, conceptual, critical, creative and problem-solving skills to engage in non-routine situations and to develop unique solutions for unique challenges? How do you cope with risk and change? How do you learn and perform and how is that connected to real-time cases on the job?

Transferring great ideas into effective and efficient approaches that lead to tangible, measurable and meaningful results requires competencies on the personal, instrumental, technical, interpersonal and methodological levels. It requires skills focused on leadership, teamwork, communication, handling risk and coping with change. Professional development within the 21st Century synthesizes living and working.  Today’s top professionals are self-directed learners who embody the competency of systematic, critical reflection on what works. They constantly seek opportunities to improve the quality of their actions within their workplace environment. They do not comply with the quality standard given to them. These professionals strive towards artistry in their vocation as a natural expression of who they are in life.


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