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In your role as a global citizen you are fully aware of the profound challenges that come along with the different stages in your lifecycle. Your journey is comparable to that of a modern leader who autonomously applies ‘traveling and backpacking’ knowledge and skills to navigate unpredictable situations. It is equal to the study and practice of an effective change agent, who acknowledges that every action has multiple reactions, while blending theory with best practices, methods and tools to achieve results. Without developing masterful competencies to be effective and efficient in the pursuit of your dreams all your intentions will be in vain.

How do you navigate through complexity and what is the quality of your actions? How do you forge your mind into one dedicated, vibrant force? How do you choose the right path for you? How do you judge and make the right decisions and solve your problems? How do you apply interpersonal skills to collaborate? Are you able to sense the future and to adapt to any environment without losing your inner compass?

In the private domain, we see personal leadership as developing competencies to influence your immediate environment to get things done in the pursuit of quality of life. Navigating diverse, complex and ambiguous situations by developing your talents and using your experience, knowledge and skills and your available resources to choose the most effective methods and actions is a lifetime challenge. It is comparable with the discipline of an artist that composes and plays his own music and the work of a sculptor creating his masterpiece.

A modern nomad who is ‘Active in Lifework’™ does not solely develop competencies to adapt to the groundless demands of the market economy. The modern nomad is a reflexive, personal leader who practices awareness to understand the subjective effects of his perception, thoughts and feelings and how these influence the quality of his actions. The value of SelfWork lies in engaging and overcoming real life challenges by being willing to step into the joyful ‘place of effort’ and by participating in a dynamic community of practice to develop your wisdom in action.


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