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‘Active in LifeWork’

Our vision reflects the connection between living, learning and working and the correlation between personal aspirations, professional ambitions and organizational development. The Conscio™ Group designs, develops and facilitates continuing education to strengthen personal talents and to enhance professional competencies. In our view, competencies are a comprehensive synthesis of intent, knowledge, skills and behavior, which combine into one attentive force to get things done and to make a difference.

In the personal domain, we utilize the self-directed ability of people to learn based on an individual development plan. To ensure successful development, we build on your talents, motivation and discipline. Depending on your goals we support you with inspiring and relevant content in combination with a valuable personal process. Within the professional domain, your current competencies, aspirations and ambitions and the development of your professional portfolio informs our customized approach. To strengthen the quality of your professional development and actions, we emphasize interactive, multi-disciplinary and problem-based learning. Within the organizational domain, we acknowledge that education itself does not resolve organizational development challenges but increases the competencies of people significantly and strengthens the overall learning capacity within the organization.

Participating in our development opportunities is far from conventional approaches. Right from the start you are invited to be ‘Active in LifeWork.’™ This is only possible if you are willing to engage in a vibrant ‘community of practice’ and to step into a dynamic ‘place of effort. The Conscio™ Group supports you in synthesizing theory and practice with respect to your common sense.  Through continuous reflection-in-action you will develop the virtuous skills of a reflective practitioner who is able to apply your wisdom in action.


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