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Engaging in professional education focused on guiding competencies is investing in your customer and in the vocation of professional guidance. What are your current challenges? Are you eager to investigate your underlying assumptions, theories and methods? In what ways do your assumptions, perceptions, presence and interventions influence the dialogue? How do you engage, communicate and activate the development of people? What is your guiding style and what are the cornerstones of your theory and method? Are you aware of the fact that how you perceive people and organizations influences the character of the changing process itself and the outcome? The willfulness to systematically investigate the influence of your own presence is vital for any professional who wants to serve within the professional guidance industry.

The Conscio™ Academy offers state-of-the-art development pathways for a wide range of professionals who are involved in professional and organizational development. Our modular journey, which is based on a learner-centered didactical vision, creates excellent opportunities to design your own approach while focused on real time issues and your own cases. Fundamentally, modern professional guidance today is a combination of many academic disciplines and the force of tacit knowledge.

We challenge you to blend knowledge and skills with common sense. In the interactive, multidisciplinary sessions you are invited to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences and to increase your skills by collaborating with peers. Engaging in this dynamic environment increases participatory-observation skills and enriches your learning experience and competencies to influence the quality of social processes. Within the guiding profession this means you practice the courage to authentically participate and to silently observe the phenomenon of the self-unfolding, self-organizing social process in the moment of occurrence.

The quality of our education pathways is ensured by collaborating with experts in their field with profound experience in guiding learning and developmental processes for professionals. From the start, you belong to an aspiring community of practice which challenges you to transfer your knowledge into practical methods and skills to become a professional who is able to be successful and to serve customers in an ethical, responsible way.


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