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The daily practice of virtuosity is characterized by continuous development that focuses on relevant themes and professional issues on the job. It is based on the understanding that there are no right answers to handle daily complexity and unpredictability. A modern professional accepts his or her limitations to fully understand reality or the context of others. The essence of ongoing professional development is based on the art of ‘not knowing’  opening the gate for ongoing, genuine curiosity and astonishment to improve one’s actions.

How are you active in your professional development? When was the last time you really challenged yourself? Do you have all the right answers? What is the quality of your presence? Are you engaged in developmental opportunities and interactive gatherings that add concrete value to your knowledge and skills? What is the quality of your approach and what are the cornerstones of your technical-instrumental method?

The Conscio™ Group offers a variety of learning pathways focused on practical professional development. Our open-enrollment events, workshops, seminars and extended experiences are especially designed for professionals. All our activities are based on the principle of self-directed, interactive development between professionals. For those practitioners who operate daily in the professional guidance and coaching industry, we have especially designed educational activities. Also, our learning pathways can be embedded in the quality system of your educational initiatives to support the strategy of your organization.

We offer excellent conditions to develop a multi-perspective, interdisciplinary approach that adds concrete value to the quality of your professional vocation that are directly related to the operational processes within your organization. The quality of our continuing educational activities is ensured through collaborating with experts in their field who have profound skills and experience in facilitating and guiding professional-centered developmental processes.


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