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Within a knowledge-driven economy private and public organizations need to approach change and the development of people and organizations in new ways. First, to effectively lead the internal and external dynamics of people and organizations requires the fundamental re-consideration of long-held assumptions about the existence of organizations. The view of an organization as a mechanical, abstract system that can be engineered and designed is obsolete. The accompanying methods and tools from that mechanical view, which are largely focused on control and reducing complexity, simply do not match today’s environment. Yet long-held assumptions, beliefs and habits of the mechanical view still lurk within the halls of organizations today and can have a haunting effect on changing processes.

Organizational life today is characterized by unpredictability, ambiguity and variability on all levels both internal and external to the organization. Developing organizational structures to navigate complexity requires different methods. Leaders and managers often experience the causality of any tendency towards more control resulting in the effect of more non-control. Pressing to control through traditional top-down styles of leadership amidst the dynamic environmental fluctuations can create adverse impacts on professional behavior. To succeed in the future, it is time to invest in developing talents and competencies and to do so smartly by combining thinking and doing. By using real-time work cases within the learning environment, professionals are able to learn and improve the quality of their actions while, at the same time, improving the organization.

Are you considering large-scale organizational changes? Do you value sparring partners able to blend proven theories and solid methods while harnessing the importance of practical common sense? Are you ready to develop the self-organizing strength of people within the organization? In our role as consultants, we are invited as stimulating sparring partners to engage with people and organizations that are struggling with change. We ensure that continuous learning within the organization is a limitless process directly linked to the real-time decision-making and actions that unfold during the madness of day.


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