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The biggest struggle of leaders and managers in the private and public sectors is to translate a long-term vision and strategy into short-term achievable actions. Planning as an instrument offers a framework to handle complexity, to analyze correlations between a diverse set of decisions and the causal effects of those decisions in the future. However, in contrast to the past, our modern local context is characterized by unpredictability and ambiguity; and objective information is not always available to make decisions in the right moment.

Therefore, the traditional use of generalized planning methods to predict the future, to reduce risks, to control the changing process, to set and measure goals and to value the quality of the management decisions has it limitations. To achieve strategic objectives on the political, economical and organizational levels also demands competencies to quickly and effectively address rapidly changing, ambiguous situations that arise in the madness of the day. In this context, decision-making processes are choices based on values and motivation where leaders and managers consider alternative scenarios and accept the consequences of their preferred direction. In our service, we acknowledge that choices are based on assumptions that influence the character, the process, planning and outcomes of the change initiative itself. We approach leaders and managers as highly intelligent professionals who are fully aware of the scarcity of objective information and the effect of their own subjectivity within the decision-making and planning processes.

The Conscio™ Group  supports executives and managers in making policy choices and decision-making processes. We add value to your decision-oriented planning approach by emphasizing the use of internal quality standards and stimulating systematic reflection-in-action during your planning sessions. In this way, we support the further development of self-restraint, courage, reasoning and justness as a continuous process of enhancing reliable, responsible choice-making skills to engage complexity and daily dilemmas.


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