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In contrast to conventional consultancy methods, we engage complex organizational issues as a continuing change process and as an integral part of the operational work. Therefore, we do not apply outdated, episodic approaches based on linear structures and time-consuming assessments or research if they do not add value.

In our view, intelligent organizations already invest in developing, sharing and applying knowledge and skills to handle complexity and change. In this recognition, we offer action research, as a module within our consultancy approach. Through action-research members of the organization co-create and advance the existing body of knowledge and develop their own practical theory in use. Approaching your people as intelligent partners and co-researchers creates enormous opportunities for individual learning and collective development within the organization. It promotes individual, team and organizational development by connecting continuous change on all levels and understanding and identifying learning obstacles within the present culture and structure of the organization.

Applying action research as a quality instrument during change processes ensures the conditions for success and increases analytical, reasoning and critical competencies and strengthens the practical capacities of professionals to improve their actions on a day to day basis. The Conscio™ Group  enjoys the collaboration with people and organizations who transcend the duality of ‘talking’ and ‘walking’.


Beyond the illusion | January 28, 2014
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    Beyond the illusion

    January 28, 2014

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