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Beyond the illusion

People and organizations handle a variety of challenges caused by the fluid borders of internal and external human interactions, systems and processes. To initiate change, the chosen theories, methods and tools should always match the specific context and the motivation and unique challenges of all the professionals involved. In our view, successful changing processes depend on an intentional, dedicated collaboration focused on creating, developing and implementing a multi-perspective, multi-disciplinary approach. Furthermore, successful changing processes consider the correlation between the four cornerstones of organizational development including human resources, workplace design, social processes and the structure of the organization.

Depending on the scale and scope of the change initiative, we fulfil different roles. In our role as challenging sparring partners, we offer academic expertise in the field of human and organizational behavior and applied skills in the methodology of action research. In our role as reflective professionals with profound and proven international experience of guiding leaders, executives, managers and professionals, we facilitate meaningful processes that encourage and empower professionals towards virtuosity. In our role as skilled educators in formal and non-formal educational trajectories, we are dedicated to supporting effective personal and professional development with respect to the unique talents, knowledge, skills, creativity, originality and authenticity of the people involved.

Finally, in our role as aspiring colleagues, we appreciate mutual respect and value life-long learning.  In summary, collaborating with the Conscio™ Group is choosing for more then thirty years of academic knowledge and applied international skills in the field of human and organizational development.


Beyond the illusion | January 28, 2014
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