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Nothing seems more difficult for people and organizations than to be successful in coping with change. Many studies show that the majority of all organizational change initiatives and business programs lead to poor results. One of the primary reasons is the lack of attention to the complexity and the dynamics of people and organizations. It is evident that most organizations reduce complex issues into manageable approaches based on a ‘small rationality’. Many make the mistake of setting in motion a cascade of ineffectual change projects and, without intending to, create opposite effects. The real challenge of people and organizations today is to collaborate with consultants who are able to build upon the strengths of people and to increase knowledge and skills on all levels. In our view, enhancing the self-organizing capabilities of the organization to navigate complexity should be the primary directive.

How leaders and managers perceive and initiate change and how they approach the change process influences the character and the outcomes. Successful changes does not take place based on old habits, but is based on the recognition of the effect of reification and the disconnection between intentions and behavior. The time is ripe to deliberately close the gap between conceptual intentions and daily actions through measurable visible behavior. In our view, people and organizations of the twenty-first century are aware that without internal strength, knowledge and skills the organization is no longer able to develop sustainable value configurations within a unique context.

Those people and organizations who will thrive amidst the complexity and unpredictability of this century will become ‘masters of paradox’ able to apply skills to resolve the unresolvable. Within the Conscio™ Group  we appreciate ‘the beauty of SystemWork’ as a comprehensive approach that blends proven theories and solid methods while harnessing the importance of practical common sense. We collaborate to build the internal strength of people and organizations. We enjoy working with organizations aspiring to become strong, self-organizing systems with a body of knowledge and skills ready to meet any challenge.


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