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About us

Our institute is active within a knowledge-driven economy and sense-making based society. In our view, people and organizations are active in an accelerating competitive world in which the half-life of knowledge drives behavior and where the standard biography, with the separation between living and working, is quickly fading.

In this context, personal leadership based on talent, aspirations and the freedom of choice is becoming the driving force behind professional ambitions and the development of knowledge and skills.

This global transition unfolds new challenges for individuals to develop quality of life, for professionals in their quest towards virtuosity and for organizations in their effort to create value configurations in the twenty-first century.

Our Vision

Living and working in our modern society gave you the freedom to walk your own path. It is a personal voyage of awareness and continuous self-expression based on your unique qualities. It is a lively road of obstacles, pitfalls and illusions that challenges you to engage in a life-long learning process.

It is daring trail of exploring, experimenting, cultivating and transforming your personal actions by building your strength, intelligence and competencies. It is a joyful road of welcoming opportunities and embracing possibilities to develop quality of life. 

It is an authentic, original path and a mindful discipline using your vital force to unfold your destiny. It is a life event of being, becoming and belonging. It is the active journey of a modern nomad.

Peter Cuijpers
Founder | President

Our Values

We see joy as the force behind our intrinsic motivation. It reminds us everyday to appreciate the remarkable existential experience of being alive and the privilege to express ourselves in many ways. For us authenticity means being honest and decisive, trusting that our creative voice will be valued as a professional influence in the world. 

We value curiosity because it challenges us in how we see ourselves and the world around us. We appreciate originality and creativity as the main force behind sound innovations and resolute solutions.

Integrity is our ethical compass that consistently guides us in making responsible decisions. Virtue directs our personal character and our professional behavior. Compassion represents our respect for people in their effort to overcome profound challenges.

Tammy Zinsmeister
Founder | Vice President


Our symbol

Our symbol represents four dimensions. On the individual dimension it represents a human being with a unique personality, talents and qualities. It illustrates the individual journey as well as the quality of one’s personal actions.

On the interpersonal dimension it embodies the interaction within a group of people. It visualizes their collaboration, their individual contribution, as well as the dynamics of mutual dependency and the quality of their effort to perform and to produce tangible results.

The organizational dimension represents leadership and the development of a self-organizing system. It represents the development potential and the adaptive process of the organization to produce value configurations to match the demands of the environment. The societal dimension represents the evolutionary process of human kind and visualizes the effort of a society to develop global quality and sustainability.

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