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March 19, 2014

Developing a website is a challenge. It is an art to translate a vision into a concrete, informative website which communicates simplicity, elegance and quality. A core principle was user-friendliness based on an ultra-modern design within a functional environment. Our goal was to create a solid and sustainable platform in which we could offer our services. The search for passionate professionals, who understand their craftsmanship, was not an easy task. In order to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ we became engrossed in world of website designers and developers. Our preliminary work consisted of pre-studies, conceptual designs and the development of a multi-lingual, basic website using the WordPress content management platform.

In our view, the end product is the result of a multi-disciplinary collaboration. Unfortunately, co-creation, co-development and co-implementation of a website is for some companies still a bridge too far.  In our role as customers, we had our ideas about the concept and what it should finally look like. What we really needed were professionals who were experts in their field and who could handle creative tension. We needed top professionals who did not hesitate to seek the borders of technology based upon a state-of-the-art design.

Therefore, we were very pleased when Pepijn and Amar wanted to enter this international collaboration. After the adjustments at the start related to the distance between Europe and the US, we leveraged the time difference to have effective communication. It was very helpful that Pepjin and Amar are entrepreneurs at heart and do not think in terms of the classic nine to five work model. Modern communication resources like Skype didn’t fail us. The occasional ‘lag’ caused funny moments and the clever use of Dropbox and standard email did the rest.

For Pepijn and Amar the first sessions were important to crystalize our ideas related to the design and functionality. Pepijn and Amar shared that “what helped in this process was that Tammy and Peter had done a lot of pre-work and thus needed less words to clarify the vision and services of Conscio. We also appreciated that the pre-work was not a rigidly directed concept but a sincere invitation for creative dialogue.  For us, this was a beautiful opportunity to add our ideas and expertise and a catalyst to seek the artistic boundaries of design and the modern possibilities of technology.”

“The challenging part of this project is that the development of this website is a dynamic process in motion. In the second phase, we will develop our ideas to achieve the final goals of this website. What we appreciate about working with Tammy and Peter is the joy within the process and the equal partnership,” shared Pepijn and Amar.

Making the judicious use of WordPress as a base platform proved to be an excellent decision. Based on Amar’s design, Pepijn was able to use modern techniques to customize the site. The integration of the interactive brochures, the creation of the event page and the idea of Tammy, which shaped the video page, are a few examples of the creative flow. This led to a very satisfactory result for all of us. In our role as representatives of Conscio, we want to thank Pepijn and Amar for their great work and we look forward to our continued collaboration and to our dinner in June in the Netherlands. We would like to thank Roberto for composing and editing music, Joshua and Noah for your timely and valuable support, and Peter for his involvement and expert advice in the field of journalism and video editing.  We also want to remember Frits for his assistance in the translation, which is still in process.  Special thanks to Jolly.

It was an exciting first milestone where humor could freely flow and we didn’t forget to enjoy this joint success. We look forward to fully using the potential of this platform and to our next steps in developing this website into a final high quality product.

Tammy and Peter