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December 19, 2014

We are pleased that since the launch of our site in April of this year people are discovering us. We were surprised that even without the active use of social media people from all over the world and on every continent are showing interest. Of course, we are thrilled that sixty percent of our visitors come back and stay even longer on our site than the first visit. Some of you have visited for more than twenty minutes. It seems that our visitors are slowly discovering the richness of our site. As the founders, naturally we are very grateful that you are interested in how we are active in our life and work.

Launching this second phase is a huge milestone. It was a challenge to optimize the functionality of the site and, at the same time, create an even greater user experience. We hope we got it right for you. Together with Amar and Pepijn from Royal Webbers, we achieved several goals:

Renewing the navigation
Let’s be honest nothing is more annoying than getting lost in a website and clicking more than needed to get where you want to go. This is why we are now introducing a new head navigation menu. Wherever you are on the website just with one click you see the complete site map. Exit the menu and you are right back where you started. In our site, just as in life, you are the navigator and should as least have a little control about where you are and want to go.

Integrated our services
Our integrative services are now fully accessible throughout the site. The smart use of beautiful add-ons on the home page and subpages and the direct access of these services through the head menu makes it easier for our customers. For this purpose, Amar also designed a new page to feature these services. Now you have direct access to the information about how we strengthen the development of people and organizations.

Video integration
We noticed that it took a while before our visitors discovered our video page. This is why we integrated the video page with a link into the head menu. With just two clicks you now have a complete overview of our selection of interesting videos. In addition to this adjustment, Pepijn expanded the option of using video throughout the whole website. This is an exciting feature for us that will change the look and feel of our site for the years to come.

Social media integration
Specifically for this second phase, we developed online brochures to give you more background information about what we are all about and what we do. We hope that the appealing design of Amar and the use of the smart functionality, in combination with rich content, will invite you to explore our site and to share with others what inspires you.

As Pepijn shared “the challenging part of this project is that the development of this website is a dynamic process in motion.” We hope that in launching this second phase you will see the potential of our site. Out of respect for the incredible work of Amar and Pepijn, to highlight their talents and to get some feedback as a team, we applied for the 19th Annual Webby Awards. We hope you win guys. Fingers Crossed.

Tammy and Peter